This is just a simple generic candle spell that you can adapt to most anything you need. If you use it, please use it wisely. Don't use it to interfere with anyone else's life.

Find a spot where you will not be disturbed for awhile, and will have reasonable quiet. Use a flat level service, such as an altar. If you don't have an altar, you can use a coffee table or dresser. You can perform this spell during the day, or at night. If you do it at night, you can turn the lights off, but if it makes you uncomfortable, leave them on.

You will need a candle, oil for anointing the candle, one or more herbs corresponding to the spell. You will also need your athame, or straight pin if you don't have an athame. You can also use stones if you want. Check herb and color correspondences for the appropriate color, herb and oils. The shape of the candle does not really matter. Taper or Votive candles will work. If you can't find the color you need, use plain white.

Carve what you wish to accomplish into the candle with the athame or pin. If you are using a taper, carve the words from top to bottom, for increasing and bottom to top for decreasing. If you are using a votive candle, carve it around the candle clockwise for increasing, counterclockwise for decreasing.

Anoint the candle with the oil. A drop is enough. Rub from wick to end for increasing and end to wick for decreasing.

Put the candle in the holder. Sprinkle the herbs in a circle around the base of the candle, a pinch is more than enough. If you are using stones, set them in a circle around the candle holder. If you are using just one stone, set it beside the holder in the direction that corresponds to the purpose of your spell. For example, if you were doing a spell to increase your physical energy, you might set the stone in the south.

Light the candle. As you light the candle, visualize what you want to accomplish. To do this, think of what you need and hold a picture of it in your mind. You can also use a chant at this point or just say what you want to happen out loud. This is optional, in my opinion, visualization is the most effective.

Let the candle burn out completely if possible. DO Not leave it unattended.If you have to leave or go to sleep, put the candle out and relight it as soon as you can. No matter how safe you think your candle holders are, accidents can happen. I have had wax catch fire and cause a glass candleholder to split. If I hadn't been watching it, my altar would have caught fire. ALWAYS monitor your candles, and use fireproof holders.

When the candle has burned out, dispose of the wax and herbs. Bury it if possible.

Color Correspondences

White: All Purpose, but especially good for purification, protection, truth, Maiden Aspect of the Goddess
Black: protection, absorbing negative energies, Crone Aspect of the Goddess, reversing and transforming negativitiy, removing obstacles or blocks
Red: Protection, energy, defense, element of fire, Mother Aspect of the Goddess, passionate love, motivation, action being taken
Pink: calm, love, reconciliation, children, peace
Blue: truth, creativity,protection, element of water
Green: Money, Prosperity, abundance, element of earth, success, marriage
Gold: The God, The sun, healing, prosperity
Silver: the goddess, the moon,neutralizing negative energies
Purple: protection, divination, psychic abilites, change luck, removing negative energies and spells, spiritual protection
Yellow: divination, element of air, healing, intellect
Magenta: added to any spell to speed results
Indigo: neutralize negative magic or negative energies

Types of candles used: You can use most any type of candle with success. As long as the intention and faith it there, the candle doesn’t much matter. I have used birthday candles in a pinch with success. You might find that you like certain types of candles after trying a few. Here are a few to consider: Taper: The most commonly used. You need a taper holder for these. They’re very inexpensive and work well
4-inch straight candles: These are around the size of a cigarette. They’re effective and burn out quickly, though you do need a specific kind of holder for them that may be hard to find. I’ve situated them in a cup of sand or even kitty litter when I couldn’t find an appropriate sized holder.
7-day vigil or 2 day jar candles: these take a bit of time to burn out. They come glass encased and need no holder. You can carve your spell intent into the top of the candle, clockwise for increasing, counterclockwise for decreasing, or you can add a label to the jar with your spell intent. Anoint the top of the candle as stated above. If you use herbs, use a VERY light sprinkling, as they make it more likely the candle will catch fire and the glass will split. I usually stick them in a metal container in case the glass cracks which happens occasionally. They are good when you need an extra energy boost because of their tendency to burn a long time.
Votives: can be used same as above, for a shorter burning time. I do not like to re-use holders with votives as residual wax may stick., so tend to use cheap glass holders (check the dollar store) and throw them out when I’m done. The advantage of votives in a glass holder is that you can anoint the full candle with oils and herbs before you put them in the holder. Again, I put them on a metal or stone surface in the interests of fire safety.
Figure candles: Figure candles are available in a variety of shapes from various occult shops. The shape relates to the symbolism of the work and may depend on the magical systems. I am not crazy about this type of candle. The image can be useful for symbolic purposes, but check the quality of the wax as they are sometimes made from low quality wax and may crumple and burn out fast.
Soy candles: I love soy candles. Most contain no chemicals. I found a particular kind that came encased in a glass cup. They produced little or no soot and burned very clean. I have found it difficult to find a reliable source, but I love them so much I am considering learning to make my own. They’re worth a try if you run across them.

Watch how your candles burn for signs as to how successful your spell may be. Your best result is where most of the wax is used and there is little or no blackness or soot. Soot can mean obstacles or adversity., and its wise to do a cleansing or working to remove these obstacles. Candles going out are also a VERY bad sign and may require repeated workings to wear down resistance. None of this applies if the candle was poorly made to being with. Sometimes the quality of the candle overall or the conditions it was burned in (drafts, etc) can affect how it looked at the end.

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